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About Us

DSC 8781bCustom Pet Feeders started in May of 2003 when Randy and I had two young dogs, Utah, a German Shepherd, and Duke, a Great Dane. We had always fed our other dogs, Norie and Brittany, on our raised hearth, but these boys were larger and very messy. We looked around at raised feeders on the market, but they were expensive and only came in two or three sizes and even more limited colors.

While antiquing one days, I saw a workbench like my grandfather used to have around when I was a kid. It followed me home! It was just the right height for the boys, so I placed their bowls on it. Well, it was a good idea, but Duke kept walking off with the bowls. One day, tired of playing "where is the bowl now," I took the bench to the garage and cut holes in it. Now Duke could no longer get the bowls no matter how hard he tried.

Then I decided that I should make one for a friend, my sister-in-law and one to take to work. My boss loved them, as did my co-workers at the vet's office. Little would I have guess that by December of 2003, I would have made over 100 of them and entered my first craft show.

Today I am happy to offer a product unlike many others on the market. Each feeder is built to fit your pet's size and your decor.

With over 80 different colors to choose from, the word custom takes on a whole new meaning. You not only pick the color, but there are wood trims, (more than 7 to choose from), tiles (yours or mine), rocks, marbles or mosaics. Then you can choose the bowls: stainless steel in 4 sizes, or ceramics in solids, 2 sizes or prints in 3 sizes. All feeders have two coats of polyurethane and will hold up to any water your pet can dribble on them.

How to Measure

For all pets measure from the floor to the elbow.

For medium dogs add 1 to 2 inches to the above number.

For larger breeds add 3 to 5 inches.

Small dogs or cats, the floor to elbow is usually right.

This should be a comfortable height for the top of the bowl, so that your pet doesn't have to stretch up or bend too far down to eat and drink.

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